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Although some wells flow oil to the surface without mechanical assistance, most are in mature production areas that require pumping or some other form of artificial lift. Pumping mature oil wells characteristically require more maintenance than flowing wells because of the operation of the mechanical pumping equipment installed on the well.

Bormindo well service rigs provide maintenance services on the mechanical apparatus used to pump or lift oil from producing wells. These services include, repairing and replacing pumps, sucker rods and tubing. We provide the rigs, equipment and crews for these tasks, which are performed on both oil and natural gas wells. Maintenance services typically take less than 48 hours to complete, and generally are provided to our customers on a call-out basis.

Producing oil and natural gas wells occasionally requires major repairs or modifications, called workovers. Workover services are carried out with the same type of rig used to perform maintenance services, although the rig often is outfitted with specialized equipment including rotary drilling equipment, mud pumps, mud tanks and blowout preventers.

The kinds of activities necessary to carry-out a work over operation are essentially the same as those required to "complete" a well when it is first drilled. The completion process may involve selectively perforating the well casing at the depth of discrete producing zones and installing down-hole equipment.

We also provide our customers with a variety of specialized services including, onsite temporary fluid storage capacities, the removal and disposal of specialized fluids used during certain completion and workover operations, and the removal and disposal of brine/salt water that is often produced in conjunction with the production of oil and natural gas.

We perform plugging services for wells from which the oil and natural gas have been depleted or further production of the well has become uneconomical for the customer.

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