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PT Bormindo Nusantara (BN) is an oil drilling services contractor established in 1981 with specialization in onshore oil and gas rigs in Indonesia. With an experience more than 30 years BN is ready to diversify to provides comprehensive services related to drilling, i.e. drilling services, workover and well management, integrated project management services equipment and supplies rental, as well as workforce training services. Drilling services are currently conducted with 10 (ten) highspecification rigs that are owned by BN. BN also provide various drilling-related services; among other are high-pressured well control equipment, special drilling pipes, drilling recording and monitoring system, top drive drilling, and equipment rig transfer. BN also provides workover services and well management. This allows service users to make any intervention necessary to oil wells or other well management.

In 1984, new shareholders joined Bormindo to strengthen the company. A significant milestone was achieved when Caltex Pacific Indonesia (CPI), the biggest single oil producer in Indonesia at that time, awarded a five-year contract to Bormindo to provide three rigs for drilling and work-over services. One of the rigs was a heli-rig specially designed for exploratory wells with no access for land transportation.

Since its early days, Bormindo has developed into the benchmark for onshore oil-well drilling and work-over services in Indonesia. As at 2006, the company's fleet had grown to 11 operating onshore rigs operating, representing over 10% of available rigs in Indonesia.

In 2007, PT. Bormindo Nusantara was acquired by new shareholders, who plan to take Bormindo to new heights of quality and growth in the years ahead to become a world class company in drilling and work-over services provider.

In 2013 until 2014 becoming a good year for PT Bormindo Nusantara (BN), where business fluctuations of the Company’s subsidiary are closely correlated to the world oil price, which led to increasing cash flows for BN in 2013-2014.  Given recent price increases of crude oil, BN considers that the demand for oil and gas drilling and work-over services will increase overall so that can improved BN’s liquidity and cashflow condition. With that situation, the company's fleet had grown up from 11 to 14 operating onshore rigs in 2014.